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To my Dear family, friends, colleagues, students and all other people out there

Not long ago my life was turned upside down!

I had been suffering chest pains which i had checked and i was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer 


But surely not, it cant be right, that happens to other people...right?

 Well no! It´s true - I have bone marrow cancer and now what?

I am a father, a son, a husband and a brother to my family!

I am a friend and i am a colleague to so many!

I am a Karate sensei to hundreds of students!

So do I roll over and accept my fate or do I do everything I can to beat this disease for all the important people in my life?

I understand that Cancer is serious but I will not allow it to kill my human spirit.

I am a man that has always fought hard through difficult times and today is no different to me!

But I can´t do this alone!

It´s my mission to raise funds for cancer research and every dollar contribution we save can be another life saved.

Will you help me fight this?

Please contribute to this worthy cause by donating in the following manner:


Words from my wife 

Our life journey...

Where do I start ... after weeks of chestpain and after various medical visits and medications, we today got confirmed to one hundred percent that an incurable malignant cancer (bone marrow cancer) has taken hold of our lives ... my husbands, Johan Ossa. 

I try so much, I can only stay strong but ... what a challange life is!
I will be there in all that we have before us, I will give all of my love to you, as much as i can... if not even more.

You are the world's strongest and life is unfair but as long as I have you here with me on earth, as long as i can hold your hand, as long as i can fall a sleep on your chest I will be the happiest on earth.

Your wife Sanna 



This is my daughter and I at her end of school term.

I really dont like how my cancer affects my loved ones, their concern for the future makes me sad....

I will do everything possible to find as much funds possible for cancer research.

No one should ever have to feel so helpless as I do when I can not support my loved ones for their worry about my cancer.

Help me fight cancer by donating for cancer research. 







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